Welcome to my new blog. In this first post i would like to tell you little bit about what i am going to blog about. The following list is by no means complete but i think it should giva you an idea about the things you can expect or cannot expect from this blog.

What you will find here:

  • Information and How-to(s) about general Programming stuff.
  • Information and How-to(s) about XNA Game Development on PC, Xbox and Windows Phone 7.
  • Tests and my experiences with Windows Phone 7.
  • As i will also use this blog as a notepad for my programming works you can expect to find: Ideas and code snipplets for PHP in general, Magento and (My)SQL.

What you will not find here:

  • Stuff abour jailbreaking phones.
  • Stuff about cracking software.
  • Stuff about hacking websites, server, computer etc.

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