Wget quick howto: Examples for the most common uses

If you are using linux on your computer or operate your own (virtual-)server you will likely be faced with the problem to transfer data from an other computer/server to your own.

wget is a little linux tool that i usually in a standard installation. Here are a few examples for the most common uses. If you need a more in-depth explanation, please consult the man pages.

Getting a single file from remote location:

Specify the number of downloads attempts:

Continue a interrupted download:

Login credentials needed? No problem:

Download a webpage or something else recursive:

Want to download all pictures from a list of websites?

  • -A jpg,gif,png,bmp,jpeg specifies a acceptlist of file extensions.
  • -i filename to specify a file with the websites
  • -q suppresses messages to the console
  • wget -i mylist.txt -A jpg,gif,png,bmp,jpeg -q -r -l 10

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