Install samba on debian and connect with windows 7

  1. Install samba with ‘apt-get install samba’
  2. Follow the install wizard and enter ‘workgroup’ and if you use a dhcp server
  3. Add a directory for samba shares. ‘mkdir /samba
  4. Add a usergroup for samba. ‘groupadd sambauser’
  5. Give directory to the group. ‘chgrp sambauser /samba’
  6. Change the rights. ‘chmod 770 /samba’
  7. Add a user. ‘useradd -g sambauser windowsclient’
  8. Give the user a password. ‘passwd windowsclient
  9. Add samba password, make it the same as the linux user password. ‘smbpasswd -a windowslcient’
  10. Enable user in samba. ‘smbpasswd -e windowsclient’
  11. Add the following to /etc/samba/smb.conf

      path = /samba
      writable = yes
      public = no
      valid users = windowsclient
      force create mode = 0770
      force directory mode = 0770
  12. Restart samba with /etc/init./samba restart’.

Now you should see your server under network on the windows system and can connect using the account windowsclient / password.


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