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Nokia Windows Phone 7 Device and Lync for WP7

Nokia presents Lumia 800:

Nokia presented it’s new windows phone 7 device today. It is based on the successful lifestyle phone N9. The Nokia Lumia 800 is a scaled down version of the N9 in regards to CPU and Ram … and of course intern memory.

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Microsoft Lync for Windows Phone 7 is coming to marketplace:

WPcentral shows a version of the business communication software for windows phone 7.

Have a look here.


Implementing a level of Detail (LoD) system in XNA games

If you have big levels and/or a huge amount of 3d models you have to render you will find that the game gets slower and slower.

Before you try to  optimize the draw codes, please use a profiler to make sure, that the problem is not somewhere else. Maybe the update logic is the problem?

You have some ways to tackle the problem:

  1. optimize everything in your draw code and shaders
  2. tell the user to buy a better computer
  3. remove objects
  4. lower the quality of models

Or you could scale the quality with the power of the computer displaying them.

To do so in a quick (and a bit dirty) way go to your class that holds the model and decides which model is to render (might be only one there without a LoD system or damage system).

  • Add a second and third model.
  • Make low poly versions of your model. One really low and one somewhere around the quality you can life with.
  • Load these lower versions of the model in your class
  • Add some code to check the distance to the camera
  • Now simply make some if statements:
    • If(distance >500.0f) do nothing
    • If(distance > 300.0f) draw(lowest_quality_model)
    • If(distance > 100.0f) draw(average_quality_model)
    • else draw (high_quality_model)
  • Play around till the numbers make sense in your game.
  • You might also add a condition that a slow running game never renders the highest_quality_model
  • As my LoD system not only draws the model but the shadows too i could use the lowest quality model to draw the shadow.
  • I also added a condition that the game fist tries to stop drawing shadows and than lowers the quality of models even further till the point where only the lowest poly models really close to the camera a drawn and the rest is ignored.
  • Be carefull with drastic measures. It is not always good to lower the overall quality of models just because the game missed one or two frames somewhere. The problem might not be the draw code at all.

Hope this helps you.

Skype integration for Xbox360, Kinect, Windows Phone 7, Outlook and MS live coming

  • Microsoft plans to bring Skype on new plattforms like the Xbox360 with Kincect support.
  • On windows skype gets an integration into outlook.
  • Support for WP7 devices.
  • The clients for Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry amd Symbian will still be supported in the future.
  • It is possible that Skype will replaces the ‘Windows Live Messenger’.
  • Does that mean there could be XNA support somewhere in the future? Hopefully.

Source: www.makinggames.de

It’s official Microsoft bought Skype for 8.5 billion USD

Hopefully Skype will be integrated into the live services and be a part of windows phone 7. This goes into a direction where google failed years ago with their wave project.

Good luck MS. It would be awesome to have your skydrive combined with your skype account to share documents, use office live and you could even do it from your phone. As you wouldn’t need to really transfer the data, because everything would just be between skydrives, it should be really fast. MS could add some hosted exchange and/or sharepoint functionality and it gets really interesting.

At least for non-critical documents and stuff you can count me in to try it, so hurry up.

Skype to Microsoft for 8.5 billion USD?

Wall Street Journal and Reuters reports indicate that Microsoft is planning to buy Skype for a sum of 8.5 billion US Dollar. Maybe the deal will even be officially anounced today.

See article here.

Skype would bring Microsoft about 500 million customers for Microsofts online business. Right now microsofts messaging solution lync (link) could profit substantially from this and the possibilities to integrate Skype with live services like skydrive, hotmail, hosted sharepoint and exchange are endless.

This could give a real boost to Windows Phone 7 if done right.

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