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Hey! Someone else choose the name gnomigames!

Hi all,
i got a mail informing me about the use of ‘gnomigames’ for a gameproject.

As i have absolutely no time to update this blog regular, i sure have no time to develop a game in my free time. So what i would like to say is, my best wishes to these guys. Of course you may use the name gnomigames.

The project website


The end of XNA?

If you are just starting with XNA game development, than you should probably read this post before you invest too much time in XNA.

Mind, this is no official statement from Microsoft, so there is still hope, but i agree with Promit. It is most likely, that we never see another big XNA update.


Read here: http://ventspace.wordpress.com/2011/11/28/directx-and-xna-status-report/

72 hours weekend challenge at gamedev.net

You have a free weekend and a great game idea?

If you know some programming and want some fun developing a game, than paticipate here.

Prices to win!

New GameDev.net Challenge!

Update: Theme is announced

In the immortal words of MC Hammer, “U Can’t Touch This”. Take it literally, figuratively, or sideways

It’s official Microsoft bought Skype for 8.5 billion USD

Hopefully Skype will be integrated into the live services and be a part of windows phone 7. This goes into a direction where google failed years ago with their wave project.

Good luck MS. It would be awesome to have your skydrive combined with your skype account to share documents, use office live and you could even do it from your phone. As you wouldn’t need to really transfer the data, because everything would just be between skydrives, it should be really fast. MS could add some hosted exchange and/or sharepoint functionality and it gets really interesting.

At least for non-critical documents and stuff you can count me in to try it, so hurry up.

Skype to Microsoft for 8.5 billion USD?

Wall Street Journal and Reuters reports indicate that Microsoft is planning to buy Skype for a sum of 8.5 billion US Dollar. Maybe the deal will even be officially anounced today.

See article here.

Skype would bring Microsoft about 500 million customers for Microsofts online business. Right now microsofts messaging solution lync (link) could profit substantially from this and the possibilities to integrate Skype with live services like skydrive, hotmail, hosted sharepoint and exchange are endless.

This could give a real boost to Windows Phone 7 if done right.

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